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Enjoying God For Life!
A Calendar of Encouragement From the Scriptures.
Our Mission

To implore the broken, wounded, and lost of a fallen world
to accept restoration and healing in the atonement of Jesus Christ,

that His own might terminate their hostility toward God
and become what God has declared them to be
through the transforming power of God's Word and the Holy Spirit

with love, compassion and grace.


    God created you in His image in order that He might bless you
    with all that He is. He desires that you have life. That life in His
    Son, Jesus Christ.

    God delights in His people and exults over them with joy. He
    desires that you glorify Him by enjoying Him forever.

    Whatever the days, whatever the seasons of the year, live in the
    light of God's love as you enjoy God for life.

    Mary J. Craig, D.P.M.

    By Mary J. Craig, D.P.M.
    Copyright © 2001 Mary J. Craig
    Printed in U.S.A.
    Design by Susan L. Hollins

    All scripture taken from the Authorized King James Version
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